The Stellar Approach®
For Teams
in your organisation
In three modules of two days each we provide you with methods, routines and practical tools to make regenerative change possible.
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Team by team. 3 modules. 12 weeks.

Whether leaders or functional teams: With the Stellar Approachh®, our experienced consultants accompany teams and organisations of all sizes throughout their regenerative progress.

In three modules of two days each, the team becomes familiar with the most relevant models and methods, and forms new regenerative habits and ways of thinking. They are also being introduced to ways to increase resilience while dealing with uncertainty in the transition. Between the modules, there are 90-minute check-ins providing additional insight and supporting the teams as they gradually implement changes.

The structure
of the programme
Module 1: Context

The focus of the first module is on gaining a substantial understanding of sustainability and regeneration. The team looks at its own daily business in a broader context, they learn to think in terms of interdependencies and set a common intention for the rest of the journey.

2 days
plus 2 x 90 min CheckIn

Module 2: Direction

In the second module we focus on building routines in order to effectively stay on our regenerative path. How can we design processes and cooperation in a way that they are regenerative? How can we make decisions in a way that gradually makes the organisation more sustainable and regenerative?

2 days
plus 2 x 90 min CheckIn

Module 3: Impact

This third module is about impact - individually and collectively. The team understands how to use and extend its own circle of influence and how to measure progress. They gain increasing confidence in dealing constructively with ambiguities and dilemmas, and thus the ability to retain their strengths.

2 days
plus 2 x 90 min CheckIn

How do organizations and teams gain from this?

The Stellar Approach® ensures the long-term viability of companies and organizations. Business models built to remain viable in the future must take into account the central requirements of sustainability and regeneration.

At team level, the Stellar Approach® empowers team members to actively shape the response to current transformational challenges. The teams…

  • broaden their knowledge on sustainability and regeneration,
  • learn to use a common language in order to classify their team actions,
  • align their daily business to their regenerative purpose and by that, experience more meaning at work,
  • expand their methodical repertoire,
  • strengthen their resilience in times of transition,
  • translate goals into feasible steps and pursue them, in order to contribute to the regenerative transformation of the whole organization.

Is the Stellar Approach® a sustainability training?

The Stellar Approach® has upskilling elements of sustainability training, but it goes way beyond. The program opens a horizon that covers basics of sustainability, and moreover provides an itinerary toward regenerative practices. It is also designed as a team development process so that the training elements translate directly into the teams' everyday actions.

Regenerative team development on the job instead of sustainability training on top.

We are happy to present the Stellar Approach® to you personally in a lunch format or in a small group. We look forward to hearing from you.

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On a journey to Regenerative Business

In our one-day masterclass you will learn about principles and practices of regenerative business and get first impulses on how to implement them in your organization.

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With this book, you take your own personal step into a regenerative economy.
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