Courageous organisations and projects that we are privileged to accompany on the path to a life-sustaining economy.
Our clients include international corporations, medium-sized businesses, public-sector organizations, start-ups and cultural institutions.
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Co-creating a work space and a work culture

For about a year, more than 60 employee volunteers worked in self-organised workshops on the design of a new building. They were fully responsible for the budget and had a free hand in decision-making.

A responsible Realignment

When three divisions are to be merged into one, it is a perfect start for a reorientation: How we accompanied 150 employees into self-organisation within one year with the SIEVERS-GROUP.

Dr. Oetker
Local Transformation Agents

How can a global family-owned business transition to an agile and self-organised future?

Deutsche Bahn
A Manual for New Work

How do you make transformation visible? How a colourful publication helps to carry new forms of cooperation into corporate structures.

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