The Loop Approach®
A framework
for mindful collaboration.
We don’t believe in “one size fits all”. This is why The Loop Approach® focuses on transformation processes that promote individual solutions for developing responsive organizations. It teaches the 7 attributes of effective businesses so you can develop your organization step by step and team by team.
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Why do you need The Loop Approach®?

Many businesses want to make their team or their enterprise as a whole more responsive, more agile, more self-organized – more adaptable to the requirements of the moment. There are numerous tools and methods that can help them on their way. But what they have previously lacked is a comprehensive approach that helps them organize the transformation while granting enough leeway to meet their individual requirements.

Enter The Loop Approach®. It provides structure to a process that cannot be planned. It offers clarity yet gives space for the specific needs of an organization. It is less concerned about the what of the outcome than the how of the transformation.

The Loop Approach® is a proven means that for years have helped teams and businesses find their own self-organized operating system.
Loop as a book
Want to take a deep dive? Read our definitive 235-page guide: The Loop Approach®.
Loop Academy
Learn how to accompany teams on their Loop journey in our Loop Academy.
Loop for Teams
Ready to dive into something new? Rethink what work can be.
The Loop Mindset:
12 Principles for the Organization of the Future

For a transformation to truly succeed, the organization’s collective mindset must also shift. That’s why in addition to concrete tools and methods, we also examine how a new mindset can be instilled into an organization.

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The Loop Community

The Loop Approach is not a project that is finished at some point. We see it as a growing ecosystem that is constantly evolving. In the Loop Community, we have the space to share our Loop experiences and further develop the framework.

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