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The Loop Approach is not a project that is finished at some point. We see it as a growing ecosystem that is constantly evolving. The Loop Fellow community creates the space to share our Loop experiences and further develop the framework.
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Learning from each other.

A lot has happened since the first The Loop Approach® Fellow training courses started in January 2020. After 23 completed rounds, there are now over 260 Fellows spread throughout the DACH region. To bring this concentrated intelligence together, we curate an active community of The Loop Approach® Fellows.

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Loop Fellow Forum 2022

What happens in the Loop Fellow Community?

With the help of The Loop Approach®, Loop Fellows advise, accompany and transform organizations. During these journeys into the unknown, not only do evolutionary organizations emerge, but also many new things: concepts from Loop and other approaches are further developed, improved and thus become even more compatible. The Loop Fellow Community is a network in which interested people can learn from and with each other.

What can I expect from the Loop Fellow Community

At the heart of the Loop Fellow Community are regular, smaller digital events. These events can revolve around an open exchange on current questions posed by Fellows or be dedicated to a specific topic, e.g., one that follows on from or builds on The Loop Approach®.

It is important to us to create a platform with the community where Fellows can ask questions, work on them among like-minded people and, building on Loop, jointly address further exciting topics.

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Loop Fellow Community Member Area

Click here to enter to the community area. On this page you will find current Loop materials, order information for materials for your Loops and in the future also information and dates around the Fellow Community.

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