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Our experienced advisors and coaches help businesses of all sizes find their own self-organized operating system. With The Loop Approach® and our holistic perspective, we give businesses the methods they need for sustainable transformation and help them change the mindset of their organization.
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3 modules and 7 attributes for effective organizations

The Loop Approach is a method for developing responsive and agile organizations. Its 3 modules teach 7 attributes shared by effective businesses. With them, we can increase the maturity of your teams and help you find your own self-organized operating system.

Module 1

Clarity is the prerequisite and foundation for good work. That’s why we dedicate the first module of every transformation to the topic, so that the team can create a shared base for self-organizing their work later on.

1. Alignment: Why does this team exist, and what is its higher purpose?

2. People’s Potential: What skills and capabilities are available in the team? 

3. Accountability: How is responsibility broken down into roles within the team?

Module 2

The first goal of Module 2 is to ensure that the results from Module 1 get implemented in the team’s everyday work. In a typical team transformation, we’d first wait a few weeks after Module 1 so that the team has a bit of time to integrate and test their new behaviors and practices in real life. 

Module 2 can be broken down into two major parts:

4. Personal effectiveness: How can each team member be effective in their own roles and self-organize their work?

5. Team effectiveness: How can the team comprehensively align on its work, and how should meetings and tools be used for maximal effectiveness?

Module 3

The third and final module of the Loop Approach deals with evolution. We address the question of how a team can continue to solve all the inevitable problems that will arise in the organization, without having to rely on external parties like consultants. 
The module has two major building blocks:

6. High adaptability: How will our team change its structure when needed? How do we create and change roles and rules within our team? 

7. Conflict and feedback competence: How do we, as a team, give each other feedback on a regular basis in a way that improves our work and relationships? How can we solve conflicts in a way that fuels our development? 

"Our new operating system found with the Loop Approach was critical in helping us respond quickly to the sudden Corona situation."

With the Loop Approach, the SIVERS-GROUP has led an entire division into self-organization within twelve months.

Our train the trainer approach
We are transformation consultants who want to make ourselves obsolete.

The aim of The Loop Approach is to support as many organizations as possible in becoming responsive and adaptable – not only during our work together but also on their own. That is why we train employees as in-house coaches who can deftly steer the course initiated by The Loop Approach. In this way, transformation can succeed from within.

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The Loop Approach is not a project that is finished at some point. We see it as a growing ecosystem that is constantly evolving. In the Loop Community, we have the space to share our Loop experiences and further develop the framework.

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