In the Loop Approach book you will find everything you need to get started.
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Transformation from within

The Loop Approach brings structure to something that cannot be fully planned; it provides a clear process and yet is open enough to accommodate the specific needs of an organisation. In the book you will learn...

... why the pyramid has had its day and why we need new organisations that act as part of a larger whole.

... which tools and behaviours can support the transformation towards the organisation of the future and how to change a mindset.

... how a loop works in practice and what is behind the three modules clarity, results and evolution.

... how the process can be embedded in a larger transformation architecture and which strands are necessary to successfully accompany the change.

Available in three languages

The book is available in English (book/ebook) and in German (book/ebook) published by Campus and in Russian (book) published by Попурри.

What our readers say

"I have rarely seen such a beautifully written, presented, practical and informative book. I am convinced that this book will reach many people who would otherwise not find the time to read books about organising teams, let alone companies." (Frank Thun)

Further materials
Tools and handouts for free download

You have read the book and want to put what you have learned into practice? We have put together a selection of handouts for loop workshops for you to download free of charge.

We are interested in your opinion!

Do you run a blog, a website or write for a magazine and are interested in the Loop Approach? Then please contact us for a review copy.

Would you like to learn more from the authors?

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Loop Community

The Loop Approach is not a method that is finished at some point. We see it as a growing ecosystem that is constantly changing - ideally with the help of many people from the community. That's why we want to stay in touch with you, regularly collect feedback and inform you about new developments around The Loop Approach.

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